Effexor released!

Sound design elements for Massive… $17! Sound effects are cool and useful! That’s why I made Effexor, a set of Massive presets focused on all sorts of mechanical, sci-fi, robotic, electronic sounds. The great thing is that they are very customizable. Each of the 51 instruments in Effexor has 8 macro knobs set up for […]

WAS2 review at The Audio Spotlight

Check out this review of WAS2 at The Audio Spotlight.

SPOLIER ALERT: They thought it was ‘Awesome’ and gave it 5 stars!

Oddmospheres released!

Cinematic atmospheres and more for Massive 1.3.1

Delve into the unknown reaches of sonic space with Oddmospheres, a collection of highly morphable, dynamic instruments for Massive. Explore the spectrum of sounds each instrument offers with eight macro controls that give you the power to sculpt the sonic signature to your liking. Most of the patches […]