Cinematic atmospheres and more for Massive

Navigate through the Oddmospheres with this convenient bundle! All three volumes of the collection include a variety of unusual leads, pads, sound effects, and basses. You’ll find ethereal bells, gritty growling synth tones, atmospheric pads that drift through space, and intense drops in amongst the roster of patches. Everything is highly morphable, giving you even more sounds to discover. Just turn a few knobs and you have a whole new preset, or automate the change to add dynamic motion to your music!

The demos below were created entirely with sounds from the Oddmospheres series.

The Details

  • $29 (USD)
  • Contains Oddmospheres, Oddmospheres 2, and Oddmospheres 3!
  • For use in ambient, cinematic filmscore, electronica, rock, metal, music in general.
  • Inspired by modern film, game, and trailer scores.
  • 161 unusual instrument patches
    • Hybrid Pad/Leads – full of character and subtle nuance
    • Rhythms – most patches include a macro that can add (or subtract) pulsing rhythms
    • FX – intense risers and drops that would scare a Transformer
  • Each instrument includes eight MIDI assignable macros for sound shaping control!
  • current version of Massive required