Oddmospheres 3

Oddmospheres 3

Expressive cinematic instruments for Massive

Venture once more into the Oddmospheres with this third collection of otherworldly offerings. A focus on dynamic expression and motion adds subtle drama and interest to even simple sounds. Velocity sensitivity and meticulously assigned macros allow for nuanced performance and evolving soundscapes. Drift, deviate, and delve deeply through fifty three new musical matrices… but be wary or be lost in parallel dimensions of sound!

The demos below were created entirely with sounds from Oddmospheres 3.

The Details

  • $17 (USD)
  • For use in cinematic filmscore, electronic, rock, or game music.
  • Inspired by Trent Reznor, Radiohead, Boards of Canada and countless scifi movies.
  • 53 unusual instrument patches
    • Hybrid Pad/Leads – full of character and subtle nuance
    • Rhythms – most patches include a macro that can add (or subtract) pulsing rhythms
    • Basses – not a focus, but the few included are articulate, analog-ish, and adaptable.
  • Each instrument includes eight MIDI assignable macros for sound shaping control!
  • Current version of Massive required