WAS2 review at The Audio Spotlight

Check out this review of WAS2 at The Audio Spotlight.

SPOLIER ALERT: They thought it was ‘Awesome’ and gave it 5 stars!

New WAS2 video!

I just produced a video that goes over the interface and sound design tools of WAS2, so I thought you guys might like to take a look! You’ll get ideas for how to make your own sounds and explore what WAS2 has to offer.

Weird Ambient Stuff 2 released!

Weirder… Ambienter… Stuffier…

Navigate through shifting soundscapes with a flexible, modular GUI built to morph, mangle, and move 100 sound sources!

Get the details here, read the full documentation, or click the jolly green button to add it to your cart for $49 USD!

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