Thrash DI Unleashed!

Clawing its way out of the cold October earth is this beastly multisampled guitar primed for making massive metal! Load up an appealing arsenal of articulations and run them through your favorite amp sim for maximum firepower. Thrash DI will ensure you are well armed in the war to… um.. make good music!

Thrash DI also includes The Riffmaker, a powerful and versatile step sequencer built to construct brutal riffs. It’s easy and fun, and has a GUI with lots of buttons. Everyone likes buttons!

The demos below use various amp sims including Brainworx bx_rockrack, Overloud TH2, and Guitar Rig 5. All guitar parts are Thrash DI. Bass is Dream Audio Tools Repetitive Bass, drums are Toontrack Superior Drummer and ambiance from Omnisphere.

The Details:

  • $49 (USD)
  • 650MB of samples /252MB .rar download
  • A brutal battery of metal articulations
    • Powerchord 5th sustains (4xRR)
    • Three staccato downstroke styles
      • Palm muted (11xRR) in triads, 5ths, and single string
      • Half muted (11xRR) in triads, 5ths, and single string
      • Open Staccatos (8xRR) in 5ths and single string
    • Staccato upstroke release samples for fast riffing
    • Staccato palm muted harmonics (8xRR)
    • Tremolo powerchords and single string sustains
    • Single note sustains (4xRR, 2 velocity layers)
    • Single note techniques
      • Light Vibrato
      • Heavy Vibrato
      • Slide-ups
      • Pinch Harmonics
    • Special Effects
      • harmonic sweeps
      • dives and rises
      • fret noises
    • The Riffmaker
      • A versatile step sequencer
      • stores up to 12 riff patterns
      • transpose your riffs up and down the keyboard
      • use keyswitches to swap between riffs on the fly
  • .wav files are open for you to browse/alter.
  • Kontakt 4/5 current full version required

Read the online documentation and learn more about the instruments here!

Monster Cookie Tins Released!

Just when you thought SamlpeOddity would never release anything again, ever, we explode into action! Monster Cookie Tins is possibly the most comprehensive collection of sampled cookie tins ever released! One may question why someone would sample a cookie tin to begin with. The answer: because there were no cookies left inside, so what else are you going to do with it? The instruments in this collection show just how glorious these normally-unwanted decorative cans can sound. As usual, they feature several velocity layers each and 10x round-robin, for maximum playability. Also included is a tasty assortment of goodies, including atmospheric pads and chromatic oddities. Cookies not included.

All instruments included in Monster Cookie Tins.
Played in Kontakt 4, external reverb added.

The Details…

  • $29 (USD)
  • 521MB of samples / 211MB .rar download
  • 20 instruments
    • 7 Tins, each with several articulations
    • A baker’s dozen of mixed goodies:
      • 8 delicious drones
      • 4 chromatic delights
      • 1 assortment of monster hits
  • 10 Round Robin hits on all percussion
  • Most percussive articulations contain between 3-4 velocity levels
  • .wav files are open for you to browse/alter/use as sound effects.
  • Full version of Kontakt 2.2.4 or up required
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Look here for the full instrument listing and online documentation for Monster Cookie Tins!

Weird Ambient Stuff Released!

After months of hibernation, it was inevitable that some wild beast of a sample library would break free from its rusty cage and charge out into the unknown… Weird Ambient Stuff has arrived! If you like dark atmospheric pads, eerie noises, and other assorted unusualness, this one is for you.

All instruments included in Weird Ambient Stuff.
No external processing applied. Played in Kontakt 4.

The Details…

  • $29 (USD)
  • 267MB of samples / 130MB .rar download
  • 101 instruments
    • 30 Morphers – shifting dark atmospheres
    • 15 Rhythmoids – layered, tempo sync’d rhythmic pulses
    • 56 Simpletones – an array of odd noises, drones, and rumblings
  • The sounds are derived from unusual sources like…
    • the inside of my freezer
    • a 9.5 inch saucepan lid
    • a lawnmower
    • a bamboo flute
    • an old wok
    • … and more, which were mutated into organic sounding pads
  • .wav files are open for you to browse/alter/use as sound effects.
  • Includes patches for Kontakt
    • Kontakt 2.2.4 / 3.5 / 4 full version required
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A Metal Lid

Take a look here for the online documentation for Weird Ambient Stuff!