Things get screwed up every once in a while.   Fear not!  All problems will be solved.  At least, ones relating to SampleOddity libraries will be solved, by me, eventually.

Issues & Fixes:

Epic Laundry

  • 2009/06/11 :: Kontakt 3.0.2 issue
    • Affects :: Users of Kontakt 3.0.2 only
    • Issue :: The K3 3.0.2 update broke the Tone Machine function in Kontakt’s instrument editor, resulting in bad artifacting and poor performance of patches that used this feature.  Affected patches are:  all Detergitars, Basinochord, Plucked Plate, Violint, and several LaunDrones.
    • Fix :: This one’s easy, luckily.  The Kontakt 3.5 update fixes the issue, and is currently in public beta, with full release expected soon.  Any registered user of Kontakt can already download this from Native Instruments’ Kontakt forum.  Alternately, you can load the affected patches in K2.x or K3.0.1 and they will still work fine.  It is just the 3.0.2 release that caused problems.  No alterations to your Epic Laundry files are required.
  • 2009/06/08 :: Reverb Bug
    • Affects :: Users of Kontakt 3 who do not own or do not have Kontakt 2 installed.
    • Issue :: The initial EL release has a bug whereby some users receive a “sample not found” error on patches where the Kontakt internal convolution reverb is used.  This arose because I foolishly did not realize that the K2 impulse responses would not have the same filename or location in the directory structure as K3’s.
    • Fix :: Download one of the following two sets of updated .nki files and overwrite the existing ones, depending on your preference:
      • K3 w/ reverb :: These patches swap the convolution reverb with Kontakt’s algorithmic reverb, solving the issue and keeping the built-in reverb around.
      • No Reverb :: No reverb for you! This set eliminates all of the reverb entirely, drying your laundry like it was out on the clothesline on a sunny day.  Actually, I lied.  The LaunDrones still have algorithmic reverb, but they don’t count.  Dry percussion, add your own favorite ‘verb to taste.