Thrash: Metal Rhythm Guitar

Multisampled guitar for Kontakt 2.2.4/3.5

Caution: this library contains sounds that may shred your face off.

When it comes to metal, there is no substitute for brutally heavy distorted guitar.  Luckily, that is exactly what Thrash delivers, right out of the (virtual) box.  Regardless of whether you are a novice metalhead or a seasoned warrior of the mosh pits, Thrash will put the power of hi-gain destruction under your fingertips.  It has never been so easy to write bonecrushing riffs.

All guitars in the demos are from Thrash. Drums & bass not included.

Blistering staccato palm-mutes and a wide variety of powerchord intervals comprise the bulk of your arsenal, giving you the weapons you need to do battle with any band.  Since speedy riffing is the hallmark of thrash metal, no corners were cut in giving you eight round-robin variations for each of two velocity levels on the palm-mutes.  Special attention was paid to the open D and E strings, with four velocity levels of palm-mutes each, so you can chug away with impunity.   You also get a set of powerchord and single string tremolos in case you are feeling the call of the cold, cold forests and need to venture forth into black metal territory.

The Details:

  • $49 (USD)
  • 561MB of samples / 307MB .rar download
  • Many articulations and effects
    • Powerchords (4xRR)
      • sustained intervals of min./maj. 3rd, 4th, tritone, 5th, and minor 6th
    • Palm-muted staccatos
      • powerchord palm-mutes (8xRR)
      • single string palm-mutes (8xRR)
      • two extra layers of palm-mutes for open D and E strings
    • Single note sustains (4xRR)
    • Crazy vibrato
    • Tremolo (powerchord min. 3rd and 5th, and single string)
    • Lots of effects: note-offs, slides, scrapes, string noises, and harmonics
    • Metallitextures: five textural pad instruments
  • .wav files are open for you to browse/alter/use as sound effects.
  • Kontakt 2.2.4 / 3.5 full version required
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