Thrash DI

Thrash: Metal Rhythm Guitar

Multisampled guitar for Kontakt 4+

Amp up this direct-input sampled guitar and let fly with metal mayhem! You will need a decent amp sim to fully take advantage of this instrument. Thrash DI also includes The Riffmaker, a powerful and versatile step sequencer built to construct brutal riffs.

The demos below use various amp sims including Brainworx bx_rockrack, Overloud TH2, and Guitar Rig 5. All guitar parts are Thrash DI. Bass is Dream Audio Tools Repetitive Bass, drums are Toontrack Superior Drummer and ambiance from Omnisphere.

The Details:

  • $49 (USD)
  • 650MB of samples /252MB .rar download
  • A brutal battery of metal articulations
    • Powerchord 5th sustains (4xRR)
    • Three staccato downstroke styles
      • Palm muted (11xRR) in triads, 5ths, and single string
      • Half muted (11xRR) in triads, 5ths, and single string
      • Open Staccatos (8xRR) in 5ths and single string
    • Staccato upstroke release samples for fast riffing
    • Staccato palm muted harmonics (8xRR)
    • Tremolo powerchords and single string sustains
    • Single note sustains (4xRR, 2 velocity layers)
    • Single note techniques
      • Light Vibrato
      • Heavy Vibrato
      • Slide-ups
      • Pinch Harmonics
    • Special Effects
      • harmonic sweeps
      • dives and rises
      • fret noises
    • The Riffmaker
      • A versatile step sequencer
      • stores up to 12 riff patterns
      • transpose your riffs up and down the keyboard
      • use keyswitches to swap between riffs on the fly
  • .wav files are open for you to browse/alter.
  • Kontakt 4/5 current full version required

Read the online documentation and learn more about the instruments here!