Weird Ambient Stuff

Dark Atmospheres and Rhythms for Kontakt

Weird ambient sounds are like sonic candy.  Now matter how many of them I’ve already devoured, I always crave more.  New flavors spur musical inspiration and can give just the right taste to an otherwise bland track.  So, I’ve made a bunch of fresh new instruments for you to consume.  They’re derived from an eclectic array of objects… the motor of an old Wurlitzer organ, a rusty wok that the handles have fallen off of, my own voice, and lots of other things which I’ve twisted into this collection of unsettling, spooky, and beguiling sounds.

All instruments included in Weird Ambient Stuff.
No external processing applied. Played in Kontakt 4.

The Details…

  • $29 (USD)
  • 267MB of samples / 130MB .rar download
  • 101 instruments
    • 30 Morphers – shifting dark atmospheres
    • 15 Rhythmoids – layered, tempo sync’d rhythmic pulses
    • 56 Simpletones – an array of odd noises, drones, and rumblings
  • The sounds are derived from unusual sources like…
    • the inside of my freezer
    • a 9.5 inch saucepan lid
    • a lawnmower
    • a bamboo flute
    • an old wok
    • … and more, which were mutated into organic sounding pads
  • .wav files are open for you to browse/alter/use as sound effects.
  • Includes patches for Kontakt
    • Kontakt 2.2.4 / 3.5 / 4 full version required
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A Metal Lid

Take a look here for the online documentation for Weird Ambient Stuff!